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APRIL 18, 19 AND 20 2025


Globall Football: Pioneering and Unity at the Heart of Football

At the forefront of innovation, Globall Football is not just a multinational company, it is a driver of change in the football universe. Our mission is clear: to build unbreakable bridges between Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking world, united by the power of the Portuguese language.

Annual Summit: The Stage of Transformation

The annual Global Football Summit is more than an event; It's a revolution. Covering education, culture, sport, business, solidarity, sustainability and diplomacy, this meeting is the epicenter of integrated and sustainable development. Here, bold ideas take shape, and strategic partnerships are born.

Influencers and Leaders: Together for Change

With participants ranging from elite academies to leading figures in entertainment and politics, our Summit is not just a meeting – it is a movement. Renowned showbiz artists and visionary leaders share a common stage, debating, inspiring and shaping the future.

Lusofonia Route: Redefining Borders

Our ambition goes beyond simple meetings. The “Lusofonia Route” is our commitment to unite countries, hearts and minds through a common language. It is a symbol of our determination to transcend cultural and geographic barriers.

Global Impact, Local Roots

While we aim for global impact, our attention is also on the internal regions of Portugal. Here, the exchange of knowledge and opportunities with the Portuguese-speaking world is the key to prosperous regional development. It's not just about exchanging ideas, but about real, tangible collaboration that touches lives and shapes futures.

Our Vision: Transform and Inspire

At Globall Football, we don’t just dream – we act. Each activity, each project is a step towards a world where challenges are overcome collectively. Our commitment goes beyond football; It is a commitment to humanity, betting on a future where every voice is heard, every potential is realized.

Together we are stronger. Together, we are Globall Football.


The importance of this Summit, for Portuguese speakers, is clear. We are helping to build the present with an eye on the future, promoting our language, the diversity of our culture, and strengthening our relationships on a global level.

Promotion of the Portuguese Language and Culture

Aveiro barcos

The Summit provides a platform to promote and celebrate the rich diversity of the Portuguese language and culture. It is an opportunity to share our history, our customs and our traditions with the world.

Global Interconnection

Cultura africana

Since Portuguese is an official language in several countries on different continents, this Summit can strengthen relations and connections between these countries and Portuguese speakers around the world.

Education and training

Educação homem a ensinar a criança

The Summit is an excellent opportunity to discuss and implement strategies that improve the teaching and learning of Portuguese. This may include the creation of training programs for teachers, the development of high-quality teaching materials and the implementation of initiatives to promote fluency in Portuguese.

Economic and Commercial Cooperation


Through the Summit, we can explore and harness a better understanding of the economic and commercial opportunities that our common language provides. The objective is to strengthen economic cooperation between Portuguese-speaking countries, promoting trade and investment between all.

Solidarity and International Cooperation

Crianças a pousar para foto

The Summit allows the discussion of global issues, such as climate change, peace and security, and sustainable development, in an environment of solidarity and cooperation, in an environment of friendly community trust.

Advocate for Global Sustainability


In a world plagued by environmental challenges of unprecedented magnitude, the summit cannot, and should not, be just a stage for linguistic exchanges or diplomatic negotiations. Its relevance must transcend, becoming a platform for raising awareness and mobilizing the more than 300 million speakers of the Portuguese language. This vast population, dispersed across continents, but united by a common linguistic heritage, has significantly transformative power.